For general maintenance; please complete & submit the form below providing as much information of the repairs as possible. Maintenance, unless urgent, is submitted to the property owner for review, it is up to the property owner to authorise non urgent maintenance.

If the damage is found to be caused by the tenant either accidentally or maliciously, the tenant is responsible for payment of the repair.

In the event of an urgent repair ring our office immediately and we shall attend to your problem as quickly as possible. If it is outside business hours then please call 0415 818 959.

The method of access by a tradesperson to your property is by use of management keys or a mutually suitable time during business hours.

General Maintenance

For general maintenance we request you complete and submit the form below providing as much detail as possible – even take a photo.

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    Call to arrange a mutually suitable access time, during business hours.Use master key held by Adelaide Property Rentals.

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